“Listen to David Bowie “Legacy” Now”

  • Drummer Charles Rumback has no template for his music 22nd February 2018
    Although Rumback will do a cover tune every once in a while, ranging from jazz compositions by Andrew Hill and Stanley Cowell to a fine re-imagining of David Bowie's “Art Decade,” the focus is on original material most of the time. Just as he is not concerned with putting on a drum clinic when he's ...
  • David Bowie 'struggled for years' to tell the story of Ziggy Stardust guitarist Mick Ronson, says ... 22nd February 2018
    “David Bowie I think was probably born to be an entertainer. "So you have two people who were so different. Both were brought up in completely different areas of the UK. David was always a star and a front man. Mick Ronson was the man who was the engine to the performance in the recording.
  • Review: Duran Duran play with the past in Dubai 22nd February 2018
    Another highlight of the 100-minute set was a brilliant version of Planet Earth, from their 1981 self-titled album, with a piece from Space Oddity, as a poignant tribute to the late David Bowie, who clearly has had a major influence on the band. Another quintessential band classic, Ordinary World, was ...
  • Longtime David Bowie collaborator Mike Garson brings a celebratory tour to town 22nd February 2018
    When Mike Garson joined David Bowie's band for its first U.S. shows—on the famed Ziggy Stardust Tour in 1972—he had no idea who Bowie was. Today, Garson is credited as having been Bowie's longest-touring band member. Those flowing piano lines on “Lady Grinning Soul” and “Time” off Aladdin ...
  • He broke the gentle hearts of many young virgins David Bowie 22nd February 2018
    He broke the gentle hearts of many young virgins David Bowie. Fishing Legend (15 кБ)
  • 39Tomorrow belongs to those who can hear it coming39 David Bowie in 22nd February 2018
    Friday. 22 Prime. David Bowie — 'Tomorrow belongs to those who can hear it coming'Jan 11, 2016 "Tomorrow belongs to those who can hear it coming. "Tomorrow belongs to those who can hear it coming," read the tagline in an ad for 1977's "Heroes". tags: 39 likes. “Tomorrow belongs to those who ...